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Gold Technical Analysis and Forecast 03 DEC 2021 Onwards

gold forecast and Technical Analysis

               Gold is Looking for a Bullish Push Again

gold forecast and Technical Analysis

Gold Technical Analysis

We have seen a very big down momentum on Gold in the previous days and the price is dropped up to 1766 level. Many traders are still thinking that Gold can go further down as per the predictions and market analysis.

200 Forex Pips point of view is little different than others as by looking at the daily chart I can see some bullish signals which can possibly bring back the buyers into the market.

gold forecast smart buy and sell indicator

However, on 200 Forex Pips Smart Buy and Smart Sell Indicator still Sell signal is running on the daily chart which can change soon later as buyers come into the market.

Gold Retest Area

At the current price we need to stay focused and Gold can retest 1753 area and this could be the possible zone for Gold to go into upward direction.

I am overall Bullish on Gold Technical Analysis and Forecast for the next coming days.

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Gold Technical Analysis and Forecast 10/19/2021-200 FOREX PIPS

Gold Technical Analysis

                Gold Price Looking for a Bullish Push

gold technical analysis Forecast 10/19/20211

Gold Technical Analysis

Today we have seen Gold in a defensive mood with not good volatility. We have seen the price at 1760 level today with no bearish intent at that level and gold some how manage to settle at this point.

Gold Retest Area

Gold can retest the 1761.23 area again and then go in the upward direction. I have drawn the purpose line for a buying zone. If you see bullish candles from this point then its a signal to further upward momentum. I am overall bullish on Gold Technical Analysis for 10/18/2021.

The expected range for today can be 1754.99 to 1788.41.

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The Best and Most Volatile Forex Pairs to trade

nzdjpy/most volatile forex pairs

                   Best and Most Volatile Forex Pairs

audjpy/most volatile forex pairs

Currency Trading Methodology

Forex trading has become very popular these days due to the increasing numbers of investors who are looking to generate extra income. So, as a result they add most volatile Forex pairs in their trading list to get the best advantage from Forex market. Currency pairs work on standard deviation and variance and they give the idea of estimated movement in given time.

The higher level of volatility refers to higher risks and more profits and different currency pairs have different averages as well but some investors play in the market with high lots and they also enjoy more good trading results. We all must understand about the potential risks of trading the Forex trading market for using higher lot sizes.

Best and Most Volatile Currency pairs

Below you can find the list of most volatile Forex Pairs:

  • GBPJPY (British Pound/Japanese Yen)
  • CADJPY(Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen)
  • AUDJPY(Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen)
  • NZDJPY(New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen)

nzdjpy/most volatile forex pairs

I have attached the images for NZD/JPY and AUD/JPY that have big movements. It is always better to take buy and sell decisions by using a no repaint indicator.

Less Volatile Currency Pairs

The below pairs are less volatile in sense of market momentum:


Emerging Market Pairs


How to trade the Volatile Currency Pairs

Forex traders should take into account these tips to trade the volatile Forex pairs.

1- Great No Repaint Trading Indicator

2-Must Grip on Price Action Trading

3-Full Understanding of Stop loss & Take Profit Areas

4-Fundamental News

New Releases/Support and Resistance Level

So you should especially look for Brexit News as news releases because it creates a big impact into the Forex market.As a trader you should also look for Support and Resistance areas on your charts.


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Top Rated Binary Options Indicator for trading

binary options indicator

                Top Rated Binary Options Indicator for trading

binary options indicator
binary options indicator

Binary Options Indicator helps us to understand what is going to happen next into the market? The above indicator draws the buy and sell signals directly on the chart so that you can easily take your buying and selling decisions easily in the form of call and put.

100% No Repaint Indicator

200 Forex Pips indicator is 100% no repaint indicator and successfully used by many traders to trade the market conditions. It gives most accurate signals at support and resistance levels. It also helps you to find the trend of the pair with great and easy signals.

binary options indicator

Beat all Useless Indicators

Unlike,other indicators for example moving average, Adx, Bollinger bands etc this Indicator gives most accurate signals on your meta trader 4. This indicator has a good understanding about the momentum of the market and a great product for short and long term traders.

Analysis by Indicator

This indicator is your best friend because it will cover up most of your analysis part and will do everything for you. It will find best opportunity for you to trade and will give sound alerts along with buy and sell signals. Moreover, dots show the trend continuation. When dots get straight it says not a good time for trading.

Most Trusted and Leading Indicator

Its no doubt that the 200 Forex pips indicator is the most trusted and leading indicator and you can find customer reviews on telegram and Whats-app. It is used by many traders for scalping and day trading activities depending on their trading style.

Key Factors for Usage

  • This indicator works on Meta trader 4 and it does not support any other platform.
  • Fast buy and sell easy signals
  • 100% No Repainting
  • Use it in volatile conditions for best great results

Best Time Frame H1, H4, 5min and 15 min depending on the volatility and trading style.

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Learn How to trade the Bearish Flag Pattern

Bearish Flag Pattern

                          How to trade the Bearish Flag Pattern

Bearish Flag Pattern

What is Bearish Flag Pattern Called?

The Bearish Flag Pattern is used by traders to predict the market momentum which is based on technical analysis. A bear flag is the pattern that tells us about the opportunity of more downward trend following with the flag pole area.

How to find the Bearish Flag Pattern on your charts?

It is very easy and simple to find the Bearish Flag Pattern on your charts by following some key concepts and this knowledge is applicable on all financial markets including Forex.

  • First of all you need to find the flag pole as you can see in the image. The market should be trending down like this with good bearish candles.
  • After the first step you will see the consolidation in the market following the slight upward trend as I have shown in the image by making a channel.
  • Number 3, you need to wait for the candle to break your channel with a bearish candle and all the setup is 100% complete to trade.Bearish Flag Pattern

Lets summarize it.

  • It will be preceding downward trend
  • You need to identify the upward direction consolidation

You need to wait for the price to break the consolidation area with a good bearish candle.

Some traders try to find the Bearish Flag Pole on smaller time frames which is not good because the market is very noisy on the smaller time frames.

Forex patterns always help you in identifying the expected moves. Bear Flag Pattern is one the pattern that we often see and ignore because we don’t look the charts the way they deserve.

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Trading the Doji Candlestick Pattern

doji candle

                Trading the Doji Candlestick Pattern

doji candle

Doji candle is the special candle that represents the indecision of the market which means that it is not giving weight to bulls nor bears. In this article we will discuss top strategies by which we can trade the doji candle.

How does doji candle work?

As you can see in the first image that doji has a cross shape. It normally comes when a currency pair open and close at the same point and you will see upper and lower wicks in equal length. Doji also indicates the slow momentum of the ongoing trend as well.

How to easily trade Doji Pattern?

There are different types of ways to trade the doji candlestick pattern. You need to find out the signals that are necessary for the profitable trading along with this pattern.

Doji Star Pattern trading

doji candle


oversoldThe above chart image shows that the doji star arises at the bottom of the downward trend. So, it indicates us that the buyers and sellers are not in control and this trend can make a reversal from this area. So, this is the area where you need to look for the signals from your indicators and strategies. The above image indicates that stochastic indicator has provided us the information that market has reached to the possible oversold levels.

Trading with Dragonfly Doji

Dragonfly Doji


As you can see in the above image that dragonfly doji appeared in the upward trend. The most important thing that this type of doji candle normally arises at support and resistance areas. In the above image it has appeared at the support this time. After this candle has appeared on the chart so it was a clear good bye to the down trend and market moved up nicely.

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Trading bullish flag patterns in forex

bullish flag patterns

             How to easily trade bullish flag patterns

bullish flag patterns


Those traders who love doing technical analysis then bullish flag patterns is the area of their choice. Most of the time we see big momentum in the market and its normally due to this kind of pattern. In this article we will discuss high profitable opportunities relating to the bullish flag possibilities.

What is Bull Flag called?

A bull flag is a kind of pattern that normally arise after a little pause in the trend and ends up with a strong upward move. The bull flag will look like a downward rectangle that shows the price going downward against the trend for some time.

We called it the consolidation time and after that period expect a higher push on the price.

How to look for a bullish flag on our charts

It might not be easy for every one to identify a bull flag on your charts because we have to look at different things before we consider it as a bullish flag. So, the most important key components for identifying the bullish flag patterns are given below:

  • It will be preceding type of upward trend
  • There will be downward sloping rectangle for trend
  • The retracement should not be more than 50% otherwise, it will not be a flag pattern. Most of the time retracement will end up at 38% of the main trend.

You should better enter into the bottom of the flag or when the price breaks the upward boundary of the channel slope.

Strategy for bull flag

bullish flag patterns


In the above image you can understand the bull flag pattern easily. This image shows that  currency has gained a lot of strength and traders are more willing to buy it. The previous uptrend is shown in black color (flag pole). The blue zone in image shows that prices were consolidated at this stage following the downward direction.

Traders should look for entering their positions at the lower side of the price or a proper break above the upward channel and they can exit from trades at the top shown with dotted line.


200 Forex Pips No Repaint indicator also provide signals on such breakout in the form of arrows and dots. You can find more information about the indicator by clicking here.



100% No Repaint Best Meta trader Indicator for Forex and Crypto


                             100% No Repaint Best Meta trader Indicator for Forex trading

best meta trader indicator for forex and crypto


Best Meta trader indicator is the key of success in Forex market. So, it is very easy to use avoid human judgement by the use of such indicator. Risk management and good trading structure plays vital role while trading. If you don’t follow these things then it leads to loss of your investment.


What is the basic role of indicators?

Forex traders from all over the world use different types of indicators to predict the marker momentum. Indicators work in different ways as some of the indicator try to guess the short term buyers and sellers. Moreover, other indicator works on liquidity and volume.

Predict Market Moves in various Patterns

Indicators helps us to predict the next market moves and different patterns. In this article will we talk about no repaint indicator which has higher accuracy and works far better than other. This new indicator does not repaint in any case.

best meta trader indicator for forex and crypto


Importance Of meta trader indicators

First of all we must note that thing that Forex is 100% incomplete without best meta trader indicators. Best meta trader indicator helps us to control our technical analysis and when you practice with them then with the passage of time you play with the market.

Which indicator we should rely on?

So, question arises which is the best meta trader indicator for forex market? The answer is very simple that it depends on the trader which suits him the best but we have launched a very good indicator for forex traders.

How to gain confidence with indicators?

Those traders who don’t have the confidence and knowledge to trade then our best meta trader indicators are going to help you in long run. The best way is to try the indicator on demo account and guage the results from time to time.

Practice is the key to success

Some traders use the indicators in a wrong way that results in loss of their capital and the main thing behind this factor is the lack of practice with the indicator and losing their patience.

200 Forex Pips best Meta trader Indicator

In the below image you can see the 200 Forex Pips best Meta trader indicator which is giving very good signals on different time frames and give great results on different time frames.


Features of best meta trader indicators

best meta trader indicator for forex and crypto


Less Noisy and Easy Charts

Its very simple and easy to understand that which indicator suits you the best and have good features. Answer: After loading the indicators on your chart they look fresh and doesn’t look noisy.

Simple and understandable

Some traders use complicated indicators that covers the full part of the chart and traders get confused.  Our indicator is very simple and easy to use as it give signals in the form of arrows and trend with the dots pattern.


Words on free Indicators

Studies have shown us that 90% of the traders use the free indicators that are available in meta trader 4 like moving averages, Bollinger bands, stochastic etc but they always fail to help us in long term and eventually gives loss to our investment.

Custom Indicators in Forex

Most of the wise traders look for custom indicators that are know as best meta trader indicators. In 2021 professional traders have started practicing on custom indicators and some of them have even automated their strategies.



We have discussed various free indicators in this article but to be honest we give more weight to custom indicator that is shown on our blog and its one of the best meta trader indicator for Forex trading. Success comes with right trading tools and strategy. If you want to get premium dotted best meta trader 4 indicator then Contact Us through email and you will get the fast reply and can easily book your life time license of the indicator.

Best Forex Broker in Pakistan 2021

Best Forex Broker in Pakistan
Best Forex Broker in Pakistan

Reliable and best Forex Broker in Pakistan

Forex trading is the legal and fast growing business in Pakistan  that is why many traders need best broker in Pakistan for Forex trading . Here business man have a very good spending capacity for investment and they want to make good returns from the idle money in their banks. That is why Forex has become very powerful way to invest your funds and making profits even with low investment. You can deposit in Forex broker account by using many options which you can find from their website that we have recommended below in detail. In short EXNESS is best forex broker in Pakistan 2021.

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Broker Recommendation

There are lot of best forex brokers in Pakistan but I recommend EXNESS broker at the top.

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Moreover, EXNESS is award winning best forex broker in Pakistan 2021.

Best Forex Broker in Pakistan
Best Forex Broker in Pakistan